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Meet the Pastor and First Lady

Pastor Alva and Lady Elaine Donaldson were born on the sunny Island of Jamaica

West Indies. They migrated to Freeport Grand Bahamas in 1966, and later that year

they received Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.


On March 12, 1967, they were united together in marriage and became actively

involved in the Church of God Seventh Day. They were blessed with five wonderful

children eleven beautiful grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

During their faithful walk with the Lord, Pastor Donaldson was appointed and

ordained Evangelist in 1971 by his spiritual father, Pastor Joseph Garvey. With such

passion and enthusiasm, Pastor and Lady Donaldson were privileged to minister to

many people in the Grand Bahamas, Turks, Caicos Islands, Canada, and England.

    Our Story

    In 1973, Pastor Alva and Lady Elaine Donaldson returned to their native homeland,

    Jamaica, where their zeal for God and their love for His people brought them to a

    higher level of Evangelism. They were given the mantle and baton by the Jamaican

    Conference of The Church of God Seventh Day, to minister and to win souls for the


    In 1977, this man of God was appointed and ordained Pastor by their spiritual leaders

    Pastors T.J. Madden and G.N. Wallen.  In that same year, Pastor Donaldson was

    appointed as the secretary of the Jamaica Conference Church Board.  Pastor and Lady

    Donaldson was overseer for three churches; Red Hill COG (Seventh Day), George

    Town COG (Seventh Day), and Warrick Castle COG (Seventh Day). Armed with the

    Word of God, they have developed a comprehensive approach to ministering in such a

    time as this.

    In 1980, with much prayer and with the Lord’s direction, Pastor and Lady Donaldson

    migrated to the United States and became members of the Church of COG (Seventh

    Day) of Palm Beach. This body of Christ was still in its infancy under the leadership

    of Pastors L. Wedderburn and Samuel Mclean. Equipped for the journey Pastor and

    Lady Donaldson was able to work with these Pastors and help build the work of the

    Lord. In 1990, he became the Senior Pastor and teacher.

    Recognized within the community they have obtained honors and awards including

    Citizen Award by the Delray Beach City Manager, and other Citations from Sources,

    Entities, and Ministries. They are involved with the Family Life Ministries, Spiritual

    Way Youth Conference (North Carolina Annual Retreat), and Married Couple’s

    Conferences in local and national churches, and they continue to be involved in all

    areas of Ministries.

    Their current Ministerial endeavors include planning for the construction of a new

    Sanctuary, a Fellowship Hall, and a Day Care Center in the City of Greenacres.  Their

    prayers and mission are to teach the Word of God and to rise up and build to the glory

    of God. (Nehemiah 2:18)

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