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A Bit About Our Youth Ministry

Welcome to the Church of God Seventh Day of Palm Beach Youth ministry. This generation needs sensitive and understanding individuals to help them with the trials and tests that they face daily.

In this ministry, we try our best to accommodate the needs and requests of our youth. Fasting, prayer, and the word of God are our foundations. Church involvement and outside activities also aid our youth in interacting with others and having a sense of accountability. The main goal is to assure our young people that we can live holy for God and have a blast doing it.

We take pleasure in having you visit our portion of the site and hope that it can be a vehicle to connect all the youth in our area. If you have any questions or comments about our ministry feel free to contact us. 


         To develop and maintain Christian fellowship among young people.

         To initiate programs for the express purpose of reaching the unsaved and directing them to Christ.

         To develop and maintain programs that will foster continued fellowship, healthy communication and

         sincere devotion among the youth and other members.  

         To instill in our youth a sense of responsibility to God, the church, and their fellowmen.

         To design programs to foster socialization among the youth with a focus on hospitality to all men within the jurisdiction of our faith. 

         To encourage and motivate the use of talents for the ministry and to help in the development of skills.

         To teach young people to abstain from all harmful substances, to live a life free of drugs and alcohol, and to adopt

         and emulate only that which edifies the soul. 

         To encourage and assist young people in their pursuits of knowledge, careers, and educational goals. 

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