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Church Building Fund

We are pleased to inform you that our building has progressed rather well and we can now say that we have the end in sight. Kudos to all of you who have stood with us supported us and cheered us along every step of the way up to this point. Unfortunately, this unexpected attack of the coronavirus has halted our efforts, and our financial future along with that of our community looms unpredictably.


A final jolt over the next few existing hurdles is so very important to our project but we do understand your own difficulties at this time. However, if you find it at all possible, please let us see this task through to the end. We are asking you to aid us in achieving our goal of $60,000 dollars by April 27, 2022, which would have been the date for our annual, "Gospel Rock" concert.


We are still trusting the "Rock of All Ages" to show up and show out at this very crucial moment. Keep watching our large slides, we are on a final push to be over the top, so, please, please, please don't stop supporting us. Always click on the 'GoFundMe' link placed on the left hand of this website and let the Spirit move you.


In Person

Church of God Seventh Day of Palm Beach


2740 Parker Ave.
West Palm Beach, Florida 33405

Over the Phone

Building Fund Donation

VENMO: 561.641.8542

CASH APP: 561.641.8542

ZELLE: 561.641.8542

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