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We serve God by leading the congregation into corporate praise and worship of God. 

We are in a sense "Lead Worshippers" where we demonstrate praise & worship with our voices, instruments, attitudes, and actions; and invite the congregation to do the same.  We lead by our example.

We are not performers for the congregation. But we are performing "praise and worship" for our God, and we invite the congregation to corporately perform with us.

Gospel Choir

Our vision is to raise up whole-hearted followers of God. We believe in having a dynamic ministry that is rooted in biblical truths and serving others while giving children the opportunity to experience God for themselves. In doing these things

Kids in Church

Mission Statement

The Benevolent Fund is established by our Church Organization to financially assist all active members of this church community who are experiencing difficulty and life circumstances. Donation is encouraged by everyone, no amount is too small if we all give together. Payment from this fund will be considered on an individual basis for immediate family members.

Prayer Group

The Church of God Seventh Day Men’s Ministry is geared towards the active pursuit and establishment of a healthy and vibrant relationship between men committed to purity and obedience to the word of God.

Image by Jack Sharp

The Church of God 7th Day of the Palm Beaches women's ministry "Daughters of Sarah" believes that all women have value in God's eyes.

We want to provide a spiritual pathway for growth and development where women can find love and acceptance.

We will honor God by enriching the lives of others as we reach beyond the community that needs to know Jesus Christ.


In this ministry, we try our best to accommodate the needs and requests of our youth. Fasting, prayer, and the word of God are our foundations. Church involvement and outside activities also aid our youth in interacting with others and having a sense of accountability. The main goal is to assure our young people that we can live holy for God and have a blast doing it.

Teen Prayer Group
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