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Our History

In 1974, the city of West Palm Beach, found itself blessed with a core group of religious pioneers.  These pioneers: Essie Robinson, Nola Barr, Anita Williams, Daisy Downer, Victoria Gayle, (all now deceased), Angela Barr

Cecily Ricketts, who came in later, along with Samuel McLean and Lanceford Wedderburn, who served as a pioneer Pastor, initiated their vision in the homes of local families.

They, with tremendous diligence and sacrifice, set forth birthing what is today known as the Church of God Seventh Day of Palm Beach. That fledgling church, through varying stages of growth, transitioned to various locales until it settled at Seminole Road, West Palm Beach, Florida.  There, the church experienced its greatest growth yet, forcing the sale of its facilities and necessitating the urgency of taking their present locality on Kirk Road, West Palm Beach, Florida.

In 1990, Pastor Alva Donaldson, with wife, Elaine Donaldson, and their children, assumed the role of Senior Pastor.  They faithfully served the congregation and strove to maintain the visions and dreams established by the pioneers.  Today, they eagerly build on foundations already laid, by adding their own expressed vision of situating the church in its own permanent locality on grounds already purchased on Jog Road, Greenacres, Florida.


The vision of erecting a daycare facility, fellowship hall, and church edifice has come to fruition and is in its developmental stages. Our purpose in this City is to serve the community in religious, social, and economic capacities, building up individuals and families through encouragement and support. Do keep us in your prayers as we build His kingdom together. 

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