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A Bit About our Men's Ministry

 The Church of God Seventh Day Men’s Ministry is geared towards the active pursuit and establishment of a healthy and vibrant relationship between men committed to purity and obedience to the word of God.

                We believe that a strong and balanced Men’s Ministry is first led by God, and teaches men to love, protect, and provide for the family to be actively involved in the ministry, to be an example of humility, kindness, conduct, and general disposition.

                The Men’s Ministry encourages the study and application of the word of God to all life’s decisions and activities, explores means of connecting with each other to strengthen the ministry and provide guidance in personal, family, and common affairs, invests time and resources in promoting shared activities to provide mentoring, leadership, and personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

                The Men’s Ministry conducts a number of Sabbath day services, gospel concerts, prayer breakfasts, fishing trips, and a list of other fundraising activities. We endeavor to add organizing marriage counseling sessions and family fun days to our roster of activities.

                The main goals of the Men’s Ministry are spiritual empowerment, wholesome involvement, and Godly and conscientious response to family, church, and community. The goal is to create leaders in the home, the church, and the society and win souls for the Kingdom of God.

God's Model For Manhood: The Kind Of Men God Is Looking For:




Men who put People before Profit. Philippians 2:20-21Luke 10:30-3

Men who put Character before Conformity. Philippians 2:22Proverbs 10:9Proverbs 20:7

Men who put Cooperation before Competition. Philippians 2:25aJudges 20:11

Men who put The Cause Of Christ before Comfort. Philippians 2:25b-27James 2:

Men who put Service before Security. Philippians 2:29-30Romans 12:1-2Mark 8:35,  2Chronicles 16:19 " 

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